Juice Cleanse-Day One…and Other Cool News.

So..the first day. It hasn’t been easy…but it hasn’t been hard either. I’ve made it through 5 of the juices by now and only two have been blegh.

Juice One- Green Juice.


This was honestly gross. It’s like taking a wheat grass shot over and over without the orange as the chaser to ease the taste. It tasted a lot like kale to me. I’ve read a lot of blogs where the women claim to love this one… count me out.

Juice Two- P.A.M

juice2The second one is pineapple, apple and mint….and it is godly. It was a nice refreshing taste to follow-up the kale-y taste of the Green juice. I didn’t want to stop drinking it. In fact this was the one juice I tried over the summer. It is so refreshing on a summer day.

Juice Three- Green Juice.

Juice3This guy again….I literally chugged it down on my way to class, I didn’t want to deal with it. I followed it with tons of water to get the taste out of my mouth. Again, blegh.

Juice Four- Spicy Lemonade

photo(3)This was also so good! My roommate was telling me how it’s basically the “Master Cleanse”, she had done this once earlier and didn’t like the spiciness. However, it wasn’t nearly as spicy as the cleanse she did! It was like lemonade with a kick! I am so looking forward to having this one tomorrow.

Juice Five- C.A.B


I can’t decide how I feel about this one. I’m currently drinking it, and one minute I love the apple taste…and then I hate the root-y beet taste. I just don’t know. However, it makes me feel like a vampire because of how red it is…so there’s that.

Juice Six- Cashew Milk.

I don’t have a picture at the moment, but I will soon. So the cashew nut…well it was interesting. At first I loved it. The smell, the taste, everything. Then I realized there was a grit to it because of the cinnamon spice. It lost its appeal slightly but not all the way. So this one wasn’t bad either and it is a great way to end the day!

I think mainly the cleanse hasn’t been too bad because I’ve kept myself busy all day and haven’t had time to want to snack. Also, I don’t find myself hungry, only when I’m around food. I’ve been avoiding the dining halls and we had this big dinner at our house…so I avoided that too. I have, however, been craving steak and french fries all day long essentially, so I’ve also avoided areas with either of those.

I’ve been keeping myself busy with class work and going shopping for Christmas presents with my boyfriend. I bought some gifts for some Secret Santa’s I have, and got myself some goodies! This journal, for blog related things, and a watch from Target!

journal             watch

I’m pretty excited about them. I’ll also be posting some gift guides soon!



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