The Days After.

Day two of the cleanse was easier than day one, exponentially easier. The juices tasted better, even the green juice was delicious today, and I made it through without cravings of any sort!

Now begins the days after, which I said I would do the 7 days detox. Well it just so happens that you need to get off the BluePrint cleanse in a similar manner that is the 7 day cleanse! So all fruit today, and all veggies tomorrow. I went to town at the grocery store….I’ve never been so excited to nom on some apples and kiwis, and the broccoli!!! I can’t wait until tomorrow to eat broccoli.

I guess that’s the point of the cleanse? To make you crave and want the healthier items? Well if it is, it worked!

I have also made a couple of goals for my health. If I lose 20lbs I’m going to gift myself this skin treatment I’ve always wanted or the Sk-II treatment. I can’t wait for that and I will truly keep you updated.

Well that has been the end of the juice cleanse adventure, I hope it was all you hopes for. Time to go nom on fruit!
Yay fruit!




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