Road Trip Time

I travel a lot, and I mean a lot more than most Twenty-one year old’s in college. I’m from New York, go to school in Virginia, and have family scattered through most of the east coast. Needless to say, I know how to have a road trip.

With my fall semester under my belt, I’m getting ready to head to Florida to spend the winter holiday there! This means sunshine, Disney, the beach and family. I just made the 4ish hour drive to my brother’s and tomorrow is the 8-10 hour drive to Florida! How do I make it that long without going insane, you ask? Let me introduce you to my Rockin’ Guide to Road Trips.

Step One: Pick a Destination.

You obviously need to have somewhere to go, somewhere that will make these hours in the car worth it. Seeing my family, being home, seeing my boyfriend…these are all thing’s that get me through my road trips. Those and the following important steps.

Step Two: Fuel Up!

Food and gas! make sure your car is full and your set for the couple of hours. If I’m going to be in the car for over 3.5 hours I like to have at least two bottles of water, coffee (if it’s early), chips, candy, and fruit. I’ve also fallen in love with Naked Juices even since the juice cleanse. It’s important to stay full and awake during the trip. If you prefer to stop and have food, that’s fine too!

Hokie Water! Image from Google
Hokie Water! Image from Google
Image from Google
Image from Google

Step Three: Be entertained!

Seriously, this is important, probably more important food and I never think that. You need something that will keep you entertained and engaged so you feel like 8 hours was really 2! Right now the Beyoncé CD and Harry Potter audiobooks are my jam, especially the sixth book Half-Blood Prince. It’s my personal favorite!

audioobsessionI can get down with my bad self with Beyoncé, and then I can let my nerd out with Harry Potter. Just the thought of tomorrow makes me excited to enjoy these bad boys.

Step Four: Navigation.

I have a Garmin, my dad bought it for me before I went away to college. Partly to keep me safe…partly because he knows I’m a little directional impaired. I’m not afraid to admit it, everyone has a weakness. Regardless, the Garmin is amazing. Look at it in all its amazing glory!

Image from Google
Image from Google

Step Five: A Good Attitude.

If you’re going to hate on having to travel, you’ll never enjoy it. So be happy that you’re getting away, or going to see someone very special, it will make the trip amazing. After all, it’s not the destination…it’s the journey.

I’m off to listen to more Beyoncé and get ready for the drive tomorrow!



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