23 by 23

A friend of mine, Erin of Sugar Snap Pearls, did a list of 22 things she wanted to accomplish before she herself turned 22. As I have recently turned 22, she has inspired me to compile a list of things I want to accomplish over the next year. Some might seem silly, but that’s the point of the list. These are things I want to accomplish!

1. Run a 5k.

2. Read about 15 books from my Goodreads list.

3. Visit my Best Friend AT LEAST 5x.

4. Go to a Winery.

5. Get a big girl job.

6. Find the perfect leather jacket.

7. Pay for a vacation with my money.

8. Go to 5 Concerts.

9. Visit a Distillery.

10. Visit a State I’ve never been to.

11. Take a cooking class.

12. Volunteer more, and regularly.

13. Take up Tennis lessons again.

14. Write a short story.

15. Get a Tattoo.

16. Lose about 10-15lbs.

17. Develop a signature dish.

18. Visit 10 museums and monuments in the USA.

19. Blog more, 4x a week.

20. Try 10 new food items.

21. Do 30 acts of kindness.

22. Make 10 Pinterest recipes.

23. Save $10 for every item I cross off of my list and buy something for my Birthday!

My end date will be May 14, 2015. This isn’t a full year, but some of these I’ve put a little dent in! I’ll be blogging about my time checking things off the list, so get excited about what I accomplish.


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