The Most Delicious Smoothie: Coffee, Peanut Butter, Banana and Chocolate.

Guys. Seriously. I made the most delicious smoothie today. I’ve been playing around with smoothies for the last week or so. I’ve used frozen berries (yum), I’ve made ‘green smoothies’ (still working on the perfect one), and last night I decided to try one with my favorite ingredients: chocolate, peanut butter, coffee and bananas!

I took some coffee from the pot made yesterday and put it in an ice tray and let it freeze overnight. This morning I added a banana to the freezer to get a little frozen. Then I grabbed my protein powder, peanut butter, and my mixer and started up the party!

 The Ingredients: 


1/2 frozen Banana (can use a whole one if you love the taste)

4 Coffee Ice cubes

1 Tablespoon of smooth peanut butter

1 Scoop of chocolate protein powder. (If you don’t have protein powder I say use Chocolate skim milk)

A splash of water (If you use the skim milk you won’t need water.


The Result:

photo1(1)Go Hokies!

It is SO GOOD. It taste pretty sweet, so I might save it for treats or special days. If I ever get the green smoothie right I’ll share that too!




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