Merry Monday…

Merry Monday

I decided that Monday’s are the worse. Really the hardest days of the week, Monday’s even trump the Friday’s when I’m excited to leave work to visit my boyfriend and the time ticks away slowly. Monday’s are the days when I’m dragging myself out of bed, even though I went to bed around the same time the day before, and I can’t seem to get enough coffee in my system to function properly before 10am.  Because of all this, I decided I’m going to dedicate a post on Monday’s to share something happy or good in the world to make these days a little more bearable.


Today I want to touch upon love and friendship. My Facebook news feed has blown up on the past few weeks of people getting in relationships or getting engaged. I also was able to attend the wedding of a friend two weekends ago. As of right now, I can say love is in the air. In a world where people are worried about divorce or breaking up of a relationship, it’s nice to see that love, new love and mature love, is strong.


However, I want to say that love with your significant other is not the only type of love out there. Yes, I am lucky to be in love, but I receive love from more than just my boyfriend, I receive it from my family and friends. I recently had someone comment on how lucky my high school friends and I are that we’ve remained close since graduation and college. I truly agree. Everyone comes into your life for a reason, and some people stay longer than others. It’s a bond or friendship and love that hold us together.


Love with friends is not better or stronger than love with a significant other, just as love with is significant other is not better or stronger than love with friends, they are just different. One doesn’t equal more self-worth than the other, and that’s something I’ve been able to come to terms with over the years. Love is love. I wouldn’t trade my friends from high school, my friends from college, my boyfriend or my family for anything else in the world.


I’m going to end on a cheesy note, I do believe in soul mates. I, however, don’t believe in just one. I think there are people who come into our lives to mean something, it could be 1 or 15, but they have a purpose. It could be someone who will love you no matter what and have children with you, or maybe a group of friends who love Harry Potter, sushi and froyo just as much as you do, or even a group of friends who share your values, morals and secrets with. Those who leave a mark on us and stand the tests of time are our soul mates.


And that’s my spiel about love and friendship. I hope your Monday was smooth sailing.





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