The list of things I want to do over the next year, before I turn 25. My end date is May 13, 2017.


1. Run another Half Marathon.

2. Read about 15 books from my Goodreads list.

3. Make Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon.

4. Go to a distillery.

5. Write a short story.

6. Find the perfect leather jacket.

7. Pay for a vacation with my money.

8. Take a cooking class.

9. Take up Tennis lessons again. (Finished 8/2016)

10. Visit a State I’ve never been to.

11. Visit a farmers market.

12. Volunteer more, and regularly.

13. Decorate our new apartment.

14. Learn to Meditate.

15. Get another Tattoo.

16. Lose about 10-15lbs.

17. Develop a signature dish.

18. Visit 5 museums and monuments in the USA.

19. Blog more, 3x a week.

20. Try 10 new food items.

21. Do 30 acts of kindness.

22. Make 10 Pinterest recipes.

23. Host a Holiday Party.

24. Explore my new hometown.

25. Save $10 for every item I cross off of my list and buy something for my Birthday!


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