Why Lauren Bacall should be the Everygirl Fashion Icon


image from Google
image from Google

For anyone who has been living under a rock these past few days, we’ve experienced a loss of some wonderful talented actors. The passing of Lauren Bacall had me thinking about how potentially a few people my age don’t know who this woman is or have had the great joy of watching her movies. I’m a fan of classic films, Audrey Hepburn is one of my favorite actresses and I count Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Arsenic and Old Lace as two of my top favorite movies, so Lauren Bacall was not a stranger to my radar. I won’t pretend I’ve seen all of her movies, I believe only three or four, but in my opinion she is one of the most underrated actresses of her time.

I don’t think she was a good girl as Audrey Hepburn or Debbie Reynolds (or how the studios wanted you to think she was), or as sex goddess as Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor, but she had a sex appeal and mystery to her. She was a dark beauty with striking features and a deep slightly raspy voice that had men falling in love. Something that I’ve found amiss with her is that she didn’t stand out as a style icon. Bacall rocked suits and menswear:

Lauren-Bacall-portrait To-Have-or-Have-Not  enhanced-20455-1407939960-5But could also wear soft feminine, sexy stunning pieces:

Lauren Bacall 131 Lauren Bacall

She could do it all, not be put in a category, and still go on rocking it like it was her job. I nominate Lauren Bacall to be the every girl style icon. The girl who likes wearing menswear and womenswear style clothing. Who wants to be glamorous and laid-back at the same time.

She was a champ. An underrated style icon and fabulous actress who will be celebrated even in death. I suggest you go and watch The Big Sleep, To Have and To Have Not, and How To Marry a Millionaire, to enjoy yourself some great Bacall.




I’ve been gone…

Hellooooo Interweb!


Sorry for the total and complete lack of posts for…over a month…

Well, you see, I got caught up with Whole30 (I finished it and feel great! It definitely has changed how I look at food, might do another soon) I got caught up in the summer….OH YEAH AND I GOT A JOB. Sorry, I’ve been exited about that. I’m still worried it’s going to be taken away from me…so I’ve been enjoying the feeling while I can. So i can cross that off my 23X23. So now I am back to promise I will have more upkeep of this bad boy, even though I’m sure not many of you out there missed me. This is just an update post, I’ll be back later with more.



oh yeah, and Monday’s still suck.

Sorry for the Delay….

I know I’ve been gone for a while… it’s been crazy here. I had recruitment, was beginning a new internship, starting my last semester at tech….and trying not to be overwhelmed. It’s been a little rough. Not to fear though, I’ll be posting more often now, I’m making myself promise to post a few times a week. Hopefully I’ll have enough content and interesting adventures to write about.

Road Trip Time

I travel a lot, and I mean a lot more than most Twenty-one year old’s in college. I’m from New York, go to school in Virginia, and have family scattered through most of the east coast. Needless to say, I know how to have a road trip.

With my fall semester under my belt, I’m getting ready to head to Florida to spend the winter holiday there! This means sunshine, Disney, the beach and family. I just made the 4ish hour drive to my brother’s and tomorrow is the 8-10 hour drive to Florida! How do I make it that long without going insane, you ask? Let me introduce you to my Rockin’ Guide to Road Trips.

Step One: Pick a Destination.

You obviously need to have somewhere to go, somewhere that will make these hours in the car worth it. Seeing my family, being home, seeing my boyfriend…these are all thing’s that get me through my road trips. Those and the following important steps.

Step Two: Fuel Up!

Food and gas! make sure your car is full and your set for the couple of hours. If I’m going to be in the car for over 3.5 hours I like to have at least two bottles of water, coffee (if it’s early), chips, candy, and fruit. I’ve also fallen in love with Naked Juices even since the juice cleanse. It’s important to stay full and awake during the trip. If you prefer to stop and have food, that’s fine too!

Hokie Water! Image from Google
Hokie Water! Image from Google
Image from Google
Image from Google

Step Three: Be entertained!

Seriously, this is important, probably more important food and I never think that. You need something that will keep you entertained and engaged so you feel like 8 hours was really 2! Right now the Beyoncé CD and Harry Potter audiobooks are my jam, especially the sixth book Half-Blood Prince. It’s my personal favorite!

audioobsessionI can get down with my bad self with Beyoncé, and then I can let my nerd out with Harry Potter. Just the thought of tomorrow makes me excited to enjoy these bad boys.

Step Four: Navigation.

I have a Garmin, my dad bought it for me before I went away to college. Partly to keep me safe…partly because he knows I’m a little directional impaired. I’m not afraid to admit it, everyone has a weakness. Regardless, the Garmin is amazing. Look at it in all its amazing glory!

Image from Google
Image from Google

Step Five: A Good Attitude.

If you’re going to hate on having to travel, you’ll never enjoy it. So be happy that you’re getting away, or going to see someone very special, it will make the trip amazing. After all, it’s not the destination…it’s the journey.

I’m off to listen to more Beyoncé and get ready for the drive tomorrow!


The Days After.

Day two of the cleanse was easier than day one, exponentially easier. The juices tasted better, even the green juice was delicious today, and I made it through without cravings of any sort!

Now begins the days after, which I said I would do the 7 days detox. Well it just so happens that you need to get off the BluePrint cleanse in a similar manner that is the 7 day cleanse! So all fruit today, and all veggies tomorrow. I went to town at the grocery store….I’ve never been so excited to nom on some apples and kiwis, and the broccoli!!! I can’t wait until tomorrow to eat broccoli.

I guess that’s the point of the cleanse? To make you crave and want the healthier items? Well if it is, it worked!

I have also made a couple of goals for my health. If I lose 20lbs I’m going to gift myself this skin treatment I’ve always wanted or the Sk-II treatment. I can’t wait for that and I will truly keep you updated.

Well that has been the end of the juice cleanse adventure, I hope it was all you hopes for. Time to go nom on fruit!
Yay fruit!



The Juices are Here!!

I walked into my house today and there it was in all it’s daunting glory….my BluePrint box!


Look at those 12 juices! I popped the right into the fridge and am preparing to begin tomorrow. BluePrint sends you nifty emails where they explain what you should do before and after the cleanse to make the experience the most rewarding and easiest it can be. So I’ve been trying to follow the advice, eating clean (fruits, veggies, nuts, etc) and avoiding sugars, caffeine and meat. Yeah…it’s been fun. Get excited for tomorrow!


To New Beginnings…

I’ve been trying to start up a blog for a while now and have finally gotten around to it! This will be dedicated to all things I love: fashion, beauty, fitness, love, books, and sparkles.

No, I don’t mean just things that glitter and literally sparkle, but anything that has a personality, feelings, or liveliness.

Stay tuned for more.