Emily Does Whole30!



For those of you who haven’t heard about it, though it would be hard not to, one of the newest diets to try is Paleo. Paleo, sometimes referred to as the ‘caveman diet’, is a diet the involves cutting out all grains, legumes, processed foods and sugars, dairy, and anything that is basically bad for you. The whole idea of the diet is to eat foods that are ‘whole foods’ that are good for you and basically were not available during the Paleolithic age.

Now, I have a hard time using the word ‘diet’ with this…well diet. I believe if done right this could turn into a lifestyle change with some adjustment for special treats…all in moderation, ya’ feel me?

But anyways, the big news is that I am going to be starting the Whole30 Program beginning tomorrow!



The Whole30 is a stricter version of paleo that challenges you to stick to a strict diet for 30 days. During the program you are not allowed to have any dairy, sugar (except fruits), legumes, grains, white potatoes or alcohol. Nothing. No cheat days. No “weekends don’t count”. Nothing.

I’m looking at this as a body reset. I’m hoping to g back to better eating habits than what I picked up in college. I won’t say weight loss isn’t an added bonus, but getting healthy and making my body stronger and healthier is a big reason.

I’m lucky that my mother will be doing this with me, so there will be a support group. So far I’ve read “It Starts With Food” by Melissa and Dalla Hartwig, and they offer a lot of good feedback and support. I know I’ll need that as a crutch for some of this experience. However, think of me blogging about it as a first hand experience for you all out there!


My program will begin June 3rd, 2014 and end July 2nd, 2014.

Get ready for pictures of meals and laments about how much I miss chocolate.





Short Season Is Upon Us!

It’s that time of the year; Skies out Thighs Out!

Now I don’t know about you all out thee, but I don’t like my shorts too short on me. I’ve never been a fan of my underwear stopping where my shorts starts. I like my shorts to have an inseam of anywhere between 4-6 inches. I used to wear Bermuda shorts when I was younger a lot, but recently I’ve been shying away from them. I just recently found a nice pair of Sonoma shorts at Kohls the other day. I’d share those but the website doesn’t have the shorts up now.

For those of you who don’t like short shorts I’ve searched the Internet for some shorts that might appeal to others too!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

First Shorts// Second Shorts// Third Shorts (So many colors!)// Fourth Shorts// Fifth Shorts (All the colors!)// Sixths Shorts

Loft is having a sale on and some of the shorts are marked down! Loft usually has a sale though, so I don’t buy things from there unless it is on sale.

Happy Shopping!

The Most Delicious Smoothie: Coffee, Peanut Butter, Banana and Chocolate.

Guys. Seriously. I made the most delicious smoothie today. I’ve been playing around with smoothies for the last week or so. I’ve used frozen berries (yum), I’ve made ‘green smoothies’ (still working on the perfect one), and last night I decided to try one with my favorite ingredients: chocolate, peanut butter, coffee and bananas!

I took some coffee from the pot made yesterday and put it in an ice tray and let it freeze overnight. This morning I added a banana to the freezer to get a little frozen. Then I grabbed my protein powder, peanut butter, and my mixer and started up the party!

 The Ingredients: 


1/2 frozen Banana (can use a whole one if you love the taste)

4 Coffee Ice cubes

1 Tablespoon of smooth peanut butter

1 Scoop of chocolate protein powder. (If you don’t have protein powder I say use Chocolate skim milk)

A splash of water (If you use the skim milk you won’t need water.


The Result:

photo1(1)Go Hokies!

It is SO GOOD. It taste pretty sweet, so I might save it for treats or special days. If I ever get the green smoothie right I’ll share that too!



My Mind was Blown because of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Holy crap.

That’s pretty much what I thought at the middle and end of this book, with a few other ‘special’ words thrown in too.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, who I now plan to read all of the books by her, is the story of missing Amy Elliot Dunne and her husband Nick. Nick begins to act elusive, aloof, and not very helpful during the early days of Amy being gone. Much like the world today, everyone suspects Nick of killing his wife. But did he really do it?

My sister-in-law told me that I had to read this book. She’s pretty on point about books I like, so I went ahead and bought it. I’ll admit, the beginning of the book was a little slow, but then BAM. You learn secrets and delve deeper into the life of Nick and Amy. Then when you think everything is making sense….BAM again. You can’t believe what you’re reading. My mind was completely blown by this book. If this is how her other books are then I’m hooked.

This book is dark and twisted. I’ll admit I don’t see it being everyone’s cup of tea, but I think people should give it a chance. This will be a book I will recommend to anyone who asks. I have Dark Places by the same author and it will be one of the next books I read.

I might have to take a sabbatical from reading….haha who am I kidding, I can’t do that.

What are your thoughts on Gone Girl?




Book Review: Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore


This book had been on my list for a while and when I finally got around to it I finished in about 2 days. The book is about a young man, Clay, who loses his job and find work at a strange bookstore that is open for 24-hours run by Mr. Penumbra and has no customers except for those who borrow and trade books from the back of the store. Soon Clay starts to uncover the books secrets and goes on an adventure.

The book was interesting and a light read. I do wish there had been more action, but I was still captivated by the story.

I would suggest this book for those who like books that are different. It wasn’t something I would say I read all the time, but I’m glad I did!   There is a prequel, Ajax Penumbra 1969, an origin story of the sorts, that I want to read next. I added it to my goodreads!

23 by 23

A friend of mine, Erin of Sugar Snap Pearls, did a list of 22 things she wanted to accomplish before she herself turned 22. As I have recently turned 22, she has inspired me to compile a list of things I want to accomplish over the next year. Some might seem silly, but that’s the point of the list. These are things I want to accomplish!

1. Run a 5k.

2. Read about 15 books from my Goodreads list.

3. Visit my Best Friend AT LEAST 5x.

4. Go to a Winery.

5. Get a big girl job.

6. Find the perfect leather jacket.

7. Pay for a vacation with my money.

8. Go to 5 Concerts.

9. Visit a Distillery.

10. Visit a State I’ve never been to.

11. Take a cooking class.

12. Volunteer more, and regularly.

13. Take up Tennis lessons again.

14. Write a short story.

15. Get a Tattoo.

16. Lose about 10-15lbs.

17. Develop a signature dish.

18. Visit 10 museums and monuments in the USA.

19. Blog more, 4x a week.

20. Try 10 new food items.

21. Do 30 acts of kindness.

22. Make 10 Pinterest recipes.

23. Save $10 for every item I cross off of my list and buy something for my Birthday!

My end date will be May 14, 2015. This isn’t a full year, but some of these I’ve put a little dent in! I’ll be blogging about my time checking things off the list, so get excited about what I accomplish.

Book Review: The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie


My boyfriend had been trying to get me to read this book for a while and finally a friend of mine let me borrow it. This is a story about an ex-military man who has turned into a hired gun of sorts. When he is approached to kill a man who doesn’t deserve it he gets thrown into a world-wind ride of problems, terrorism, and leggy ladies. All he wants to do is save the woman he might love, and potentially stop a terrorist group.

Now, this may not seem like a story that would be considered ‘hilarious’ or ‘laugh out loud funny’ but surprisingly it is. I should also let you know I find it hard to find books funny. Sometimes they are and sometimes they aren’t, but this book is. Maybe it’s Hugh Laurie’s dry British humor. Maybe since everyone told me it was funny I read it as though it was funny. I do suggest this book for many people, it’s not only hilarious, but has so many twists and turns I didn’t know who to trust and who was worthless.

Next on my list to read is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. All I’ve been told is how amazing that book is so I hope it holds up to those standards